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We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings or packages.
Colleagues at Work


$100-250 per hour

Studio time is all about you. Building your songs or brand. Using our people or your own - lets create - If clients choose a to do a demo or album with us, often vocal recordings are included with their per song price. Please call for quotes about your next music, video, graphic / creative project or visit


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Includes music mixing + editing/tuning. Audio and sound design (music, mixing, special effects, mastering for broadcast and voice overs (VO) and podcast editing etc. are other aspects of mixing we offer. Mastering gives your song the punch it needs to be radio ready.


*Discounts are available for projects we produce, mix and master as a group.

Making Music


$90 per hour

This is where we spend the most individualized time. Most sessions will start online using Google Chat, FaceTime, Skype etc. as well as google docs where we can take notes in real time. Clients are asked to sing/play into their phone or DAW (digital audio workstation) and upload to our Google folder. Often we work on songs (we use Pro-Tools Ultimate) and send them back to you during and after sessions. Very often clients spend months on "SONG CRAFTING" and have a folder with scratch recordings, chord charts, song style and form notes which they can take to their various bands or studios. 


Song Production varies depending on project and are often not charged by the hour, but by project.

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