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Working with Dylan was what made my musical ideas come to life. I loved writing lyrics and creating melodies in my head, but I didn't always know how to get what was in my head onto paper or matched with the proper chords. But Dylan helped me put the pieces together by turning my thoughts into real music while being able to keep it my own. We worked together by turning my lyrics and melodies into actual chords, then into real songs, and then finally into something that I could record and perform. I remember working with Dylan and thinking that my songs were just silly ideas, but he helped me make them into something that I could be proud of. Even after we finished my demo I continued to work with Dylan remotely by doing song writing lessons over FaceTime. Dylan does a great job at helping your ideas come to life in a fun, professional, and creative way to turn them into masterpieces!


I have come to really appreciate, through experience, the overwhelming engineering and talent that music producers and DYIers like me have done to change the recording world.  Through my earliest experience with Dylan (10+ years ?!). I have become knowledgeable in what it takes to display one’s art on line.  Publishing writing and the poetry of music requires a good environment and a functional partnership between the artist, whether amateur or professional. I have retained no less than 6 different musician/producers in bringing my original songs to the internet.  And have been satisfied with the various and different sounding results.  I recall specifically Dylan's congenial and patient style as we grew together on developing the songs. Always willing to support and teach me along the way as I become more confident and competent in using my own equipment and ideas to further the quality of the final result. Keeping in mind my profile as an older eager hobbiest with a home studio and some understanding of the electronic recording process with more money than talent.


I feel SO lucky that I found Dylan. He's incredible at what he does. I worked with him over Skype and I can't tell you how fun and satisfying it was for me to watch my songs come to life on the fly. I was constantly watching in awe as he hammered out MY tune (that had previously existed exclusively in my head) on the piano or played it on his guitar. Usually one then the other to see which vibe I liked better. By the third song, he was able to pretty well improvise accompaniment in a single hour-long lesson, while I was watching. I couldn't have appreciated how awesome that was if I hadn't worked with two very talented guitarist friends before, trying to bring my music to life. They kept making my songs into classic rock, turning them into songs I would never listen to! I'm completely sure Dylan can do classic rock, but I told him my jam was more radio pop and that I wanted to make some that had a real message, instead of the mindlessness of chart toppers. He totally got it. I gave him a few songs I could envision my song like, and he was instantly on the same page. It's been SO much fun! And the way he does it, he writes the chords and makes notes so that I could take his breakdown to my classic rock friends and they could play it just like Dylan did. He was the missing piece in my puzzle, and beyond that he's a deep and beautiful person, and had wells of really moving advice that will help me write music forever.


I have been doing songwriting with Dylan for about 5 years. I have made two CDs, one I was covering different artist and the other one, I wrote my own songs. I really wanted to express my creativity by writing songs and expressing my feelings through lyrics. Dylan has taught me how to be a songwriter and how to put deep feelings into the songs I write. Throughout my journey with him, he has taught me a lot about chords and how to connect them with melodies. Dylan taught me how to sing and song write to the best of my abilities. We are currently working on my third EP. I would encourage any one who wants to learn how to song write to work with him, he is Awesome!!

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