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Choose your poison...

Updated: May 14, 2020

It's amazing, the creative process of strong-writing. Most creatives I know have a hard time resting or sleeping when something is unfinished. I have gone to bed, totally tired, only then to find myself till 2am working on a song. Sometimes you got to go with it... But what happens when the juices are NOT flowing...? Somethings you got to go with it... or...

Not an 8-5pm thing...

The creative juices rarely start when I wake up, and end when I am "off". To get around this I find plan todo the most robust creative work tasks earlier or later in the day. Once 11am hits I do email, read or watch something, or maybe run an errand. Get outside, wake up. Now, this can't take the place of work... somethings can't be avoided. You have work todo, get it done.


Set a deadline or two. Like, finishing this album in 2 months, then break it down to a weekly thing... like 1-2 songs a week. Then you wont feel guilty when you do other things that week:)

When the creative juices are NOT flowing:

  1. Play or listen to your favorite music

  2. Play your favorite instrument! Just playing my acoustic guitar gets all kinds of ideas going for me.

  3. Compose along with someone on YOUTUBE, tutorials are great!

  4. Just freaking do it... don't slack.

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