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Your Song Writing Stuck?

We all get song writing blocks that BLOCK a lot in our life, or our LIFE blocks our writing lol. Our life seems to inspire or "wet blanket" our writing. To get out of a funk I would recommend listening to something that you normally don't and on the OTHER side of the coin, find something you LOVE and LISTEN to all the time and use it as a ghost song...

Sometimes you just need to write or record something just for the sake of it, without any real reason or application - like it does not have to be on your next album, just express how you feel for yourself or someone else.

Write about personal experiences or emotions. Songs that are based on personal experiences are often the most relatable and meaningful. Below are some other ideas one can use to create some usable structure in your creative pursuit.

  1. Write from different perspectives. Try writing from the point of view of a different person or character to add depth and variety to your songs.

  2. Use storytelling to convey a message or theme. A well-crafted story can be a powerful way to communicate a message or theme in a song.

  3. Write about current events or social issues. Songs that address current events or social issues can be a powerful way to raise awareness and inspire change.

  4. Write about love, relationships, and heartbreak. Love is a universal theme that everyone can relate to, and writing about it can be a great way to connect with your audience.

  5. Write about nature and the world around you. Nature can be a great source of inspiration and can add a sense of beauty and wonder to your songs.

  6. Write about your dreams and aspirations. Songs about dreams and aspirations can be uplifting and motivational.

  7. Write about the journey of life. Songs that reflect on the journey of life can be powerful and inspiring.

  8. Use metaphors and similes to add depth and meaning to your lyrics.

  9. Write a song that is a tribute to someone you admire. A song that pays tribute to someone you admire can be a great way to express your appreciation and respect.

  10. Experiment with different genres and styles. Mixing different genres and styles can add depth and originality to your songs.

  11. Write from your own perspective and be honest with yourself, it will make your song more authentic and relatable

  12. Use humor in your song, it can be a great way to connect with your listeners and make your song more memorable.

  13. Write a song that is based on a fictional or historical story, it can be a great way to add a sense of mystery and intrigue to your song.

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