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Can I write songs?

Updated: May 14, 2020

Believe it or not, some of our minds look like this picture. Every time you hum a tune there are series of notes/sounds being held out, and cut off creating a melody. The distance between these notes are called intervals... How these sounds stack up with words, melody, harmony and rhythm are called songs.

The answer... um... yes

The answer is yes, and no you don't have to know how to read the music above. Just start making sense of your lyrics, or melody. Which parts repeat? The main point could be your chorus. Verses should be the color or description of your main point, while the bridge takes you off path but then brings you right back to your main point. Don't worry about the music yet (unless your starting with that), just get some repetitive ideas organized...

Follow a ghost song...

Not songs about a ghost, but find a song that you love and learn from it! We use reference tracks or ghost songs in the industry ALL THE TIME. When you find a song you love, ask yourself... what sounds come out of it, how does it make me feel? What is the form? Does it have an instrumental or vocal start? How long, short is it? What style? Put your own words or melody in there and bam, you got a concrete idea. Write those ideas down on your google doc (an online app or way you can always get to it in case your out and about), record it in your phone and you have the makings for a song that can go to a musician or fellow song-writer or producer - record that bad boy. Doesn't have to be too complicated to write a great song... and the rewards can go on and on. Think of music as a picture your family can see or a poem of sorts. Music is connecting you to your world.

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