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Healthy life = healthy creative vibes

Updated: May 14, 2020

They say nothing is more important than your health... well, I tend to agree. I believe it should be healthy in mind, body and spirit, some would add emotional health to the list as well.

Do it ALL

I do think that everything is connected. A healthy body with a poor emotional life is kind of pointless would't you say? I mean, if you can discipline your body to get strong and healthy and look amazing for everyone to admire, but your emotions suck so bad that you can't be around your family or be patience enough listen and change for your spouse or to learn about your kids to teach them... Does it matter? Is it worth it? NOPE! I would say we have to be healthy ALL AROUND. Then, the best version ourselves will win. When I workout my mind is clearer, I sleep better which means I can get up earlier, read that great book and then make breakfast for the family and have some quality time (I do this as often as I can). When my life is GOOD my music output is better (being pent up in a studio for 20 hours can bring a kink to your neck lol). LONG TERM success is my goal here, so my priorities have to be straight. You see, we have to feed or LEAD ourselves first, so we can be there for others and do the things we love... I didn't say "get more me time so I can learn to be more selfish..." lol, but man that is so easy to do isn't it? Someones being human sucks.

Health and Music - ideas

Work it:

  • Prioritize yourself: Faith (if you have one), marriage, kids, everything else - in that order.

  • Work out and eat well: dang it just do like 20 min man! Eat somethings healthy, like most the time!

  • Feed your mind: Read, learn something new and have FUN and freaking apply yourself.

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