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"But I don't feel like it..."

You ever say that? Music, art and other creative things are often just seen as hobbies, and that is true, but if we are to make things GREAT we have to learn to push the "feelings" in the right direction. I find it hard to write an emotional piece of music when I am not feeling like I want to, so I have to trick myself. Here are two little ideas that I do, that might help you...

  1. Fake it! Yes, just freaking do it. Sometimes our skills and experience just need to take over so we are doing something every day to make GREAT content. Make sure your life and environment is organized to force you to work. If this is your every day job, its VERY VERY important we get this.

  2. Trick yourself: What gets the juices flowing? Reading? Exercising? A certain band or song genre? Do the thing, that gets the thing!

*BONUS: Remember you're why? Why do you choose to do what you do?

Life shouldn't be about running from one feeling or comfort to the next. We never get better unless we actually feel pain and struggle. So when we don't FEEL LIKE IT, do something about it and get better, because in the end, "you will be be alright..".

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