Guitar Lessons in Spokane

  • -Reading music
  • -Chords, scales
  • -Strumming patterns
  • -Tab, riffs and
  • - Songs you want to learn
  • -We teach not only the fundamentals of music, like theory and reading skills, but we apply these skills and techniques as we learn the students desired music.

We encourage and direct our students 2-3 times a year to - Student Recitals or Performances: Those of us here at 333 Music Studios want to make our LIVE performances the real deal in places where real muscians play music – Coffee Shops, Cafes, Parks, Malls etc.  At these LIVE events we RECORD either to DVD -with audio of course- or to Mp3/CD.  Mobile uploads: Students @ at 333 should expect as time goes to be recorded in session: we call this “Mobile uploads” and they end up on our blog.  Our Guitar Lessons in Spokane, Wa should be SEEN in Spokane as well as to be shared with friends and family – those outside of Spokane :).  

Please see Our Teachers page for biography information or go our our “Contact” page and ask Dylan if you have questions.

Guitar Lesson Information

What Instruments: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar.

Ages: All Ages

Where/When: Spokane Studio – appointments only.

How Long/Frequency: Lessons are once a week for 30 minutes (4 weeks a month). Longer lessons can be arranged (ie. hour lessons) if the student so desires. For advanced students an hour allows more time to work on more advanced concepts.

 $84.00 ($21 a lesson)- Students pre-pay for each month on the last day of the previous month, or for new students, tuition will be due the first lesson.

Guitar Resources

Guitar Chord Chart – Chord Families

Guitar Chords – Musical Alphabet

Blank Staff Paper

Blank Guitar Tab





Our Guitar Teacher

Dylan Cochran

Dylan Cochran | Owner | Guitar Lessons and Voice Lessons in Spokane, Wa


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