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A blog entry from Andreaw Suppini, one of 333’s guitar teachers.   Some great comments here on how music and our emotions are so closely linked and about the song “Poison & Wine” by The Civil Wars – thanks to Andreaw for bringing this to us!  For more info about Andreaw or the studio click on his name or link below to see our guitar lessons and teacher bio pages.  THANKS – Dylan – owner, teacher.

I find that writing usually comes easy to me. I enjoy hearing the click of the keyboard on my laptop as I type, the atmosphere I create that’s conducive to writing (Currently lots of natural light, sweet tea, and a very comfortable recliner), but mostly it’s about the feeling I get when my abstract thoughts become defined and distinct ideas.  I asked someone who knows me very well for some inspiration, a topic, anything! She reminded me of a performance I saw a few days prior, a band called The Civil Wars on a show called ‘Storytellers’. She knows how much I love that band, so she told me to start there and ask myself questions about it. Even though I couldn’t picture what I would ask myself about this t.v. show, I went ahead and watched it anyway.

Poison & Wine – the song…

The band was over halfway through their set and I didn’t have any pressing questions on my mind yet, but then they started playing ‘Poison & Wine’, my favorite song on their album. I get choked up every time I hear that song, especially in the second verse when John Paul sings, “I don’t have a choice, but I still choose you”. It feels like my heart gets kicked and the sensation lingers for the remainder of the song. That’s when the question flooded into my mind.

“Why does this song make me feel this way?”

I don’t believe I’ve experienced a situation in my own life that reflects the story being shared in this song, how can I feel this deeply about it?

Music & Emotions…

That’s the beauty of great music. It draws you in, makes it feel like you’re a part of the story, even if you’ve never quite been there in your own life. I believe it is even more powerful if you have been there, or if you’re currently going through it. This is why music is so important in our lives, this is why music is so universal.

It’s that, I believe anyway, there are really a finite number of emotions humans feel (It’s finite, but it is also vast) but what makes us individual is that we feel them different ways. For example, some people take rejection much harder than loneliness, let’s say. So as a result, we all have different ways of expressing how we feel based on how we individually perceive the emotion. So when an artist records it – through music, poetry, whatever, it’s guaranteed to touch someone because we all have the same emotions. We just “connect” when someone feels an emotion similar to how we feel it, and when someone can put into words a feeling you’ve been struggling with…it’s a relief. Even if the feeling is bad, and didn’t get better, we feel better because we’re not alone. We’re all in this “being alive” business together and I feel that music is the greatest medium ever to convey that, because not only do the poetry in the lyrics tell us we’re not alone in feeling the way we do, the instrumental moves us emotionally, making us feel it too.

For the Musicians….

If you’re a musician and you’re reading this, let’s challenge ourselves to a higher standard. Let’s invite people into our stories. Let’s make something that evokes emotion. Let’s create music that will inspire.


Andreaw and 333 staff

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Poison Wine – Chord chart: INFO:: Just keep your fingers up towards the 7th fret and keep a down word motion to the chords paying attend to the bass changes with the lower stings.  The open B and High E strings will bring an “open” feel that you would need when the song heats up.

Also, note the great harmonies and music production!