Elizabeth here rocking “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5, doing a wonderful job.   Here is the crazy thing, voice student Elizabeth has only been playing the guitar for a month!  Great job Elizabeth!

“She Will Be Loved” is an older song by the band Maroon 5.  We are in Key of D and capoing on fret one, which puts us in the Eb.  Knowing the musical alphabet is everything in music theory and you must know if well to use a capo right!

MUSICAL Alphabet   – walks up with each fret, each fret is a “half step”.  8 notes in a major scale, but don’t forget the half notes. 

A, A#=Bb, B, C, C#=Db, D, D#=Eb, E, F, F#=Gb, G, G#=Ab, A = octave.

Apply this to any chord you are playing and “walk up” with each fret using a capo and playing the same chord…

Also, pay attention to this when you “google” chord charts etc.  It will help to find the right chart…  :)

Thanks and let us know if you are interested in guitar and/or voice lessons like Elizabeth.