Student Recitals or Performances: Those of us here at 333 Music Studios want to make our LIVE performances the real deal in places where real muscians play music – Coffee Shops, Cafes, Parks, Malls etc.  At these LIVE events we RECORD either to DVD -with audio of course- or to Mp3/CD.  Mobile uploads: Students @ at 333 should expect as time goes to be recording in session: we call this “Mobile uploads”.  This practice is very much like what we see musicians do at places like Youtube or Vimeo and its a great way to help train our people to work hard, knowing they have a performance soon!  These end up on our blog.  We teach Guitar, and Voice  in private and group lessons…

Click here to sign up for a free meet and greet (pay if you stay) to see if if 333 Music Studios is the place for you.  Lets get rocking!

Below are songs from a recent concert/recital that some of our students did with Dylan Cochran – performed in an “open to public” venue called KITZEL’s CAFE.   These were guitar/voice students mostly under the age of 20.   Much of our work was in getting them performance ready – songs were chosen by the student and instructor, learn/memorized, and rehearsed as not only a guitar/voice student but a performer.  333 will be doing yearly cd/dvd projects like this.

We also have been doing “KIDS DAY” in the park were 333 students perform @ Lake Fair (back in Olympia, Wa) in front of their peers during each summer.  GREAT YEAR.  Click through these songs and let us know if you want to sign you or your child up with us.

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