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An open message to all Dylan Cochran fans, past, present and future:

Long Live 333 Music Studios! There is nothing like it! The skill, support and quality product that Dylan has offered me over the years has raised the level of all aspects of my musical dreams. I have now great belief in my writing and in performing my songs with pride and confidence. The equipment, resources and musical coaching are first rate in my book.  Dylan’s skill in relating across generations, styles and genres is especially amazing. I am very excited about the possibilities for songcrafting, producing and learning remotely!

Would be glad to share my story with anyone who wishes more details from this very satisfied customer and collaborator


 – John

Mondays were always the best day of the week because those were the days I had my guitar and voice lessons with Dylan. I have never connected so well with a teacher that not only improved my singing and enhanced my guitar playing, but also understood and helped me compose my own music.  Dylan has not only left a huge impact on me as a musician but myself as a person.

 – Shimmy

“Dylan Cochran and 333 Music Studios can help take your songs from an idea to a fully realized demo, no matter what level you come in at. They can help with everything from song arrangement, musicianship, practice lessons, recording, all the way to iTunes and CD’s. If you don’t have a full band together, they can help you learn how to play the other parts, and make the recordings sound like a full band anyway. A great investment and initial boost for anyone just starting out interested in playing or writing music, and open minded to all genres and lyrics.

What we accomplished is available at JamesAndTheGiantKeg.com.”

– Patrick

When I first came to Dylan I had several song ideas written down but had no idea how to turn my ideas into songs.  What I had written brought out the ideas I wanted to share but were very verbose and had no structure.  Dylan was helping me to whittle down the phrases and distill the meaning into songs.

My 25th wedding anniversary was coming and I had the idea of creating a song for my wife’s present.  This took on more meaning than anything I had done in a long time.  Being new to playing music I really had to rely on Dylan to help bring my ideas to life.  Over the course of a couple months we took my ideas and Dylan taught me how to properly structure my song.  Next came the melody, Dylan worked to help me form a melody that fit my skill level and that brought out the feeling in the song. 

When my wife listened to what Dylan had helped me create it brought tears to her eyes.  It means more to her than any gift I have ever bought for her regardless of price.  Her friends were also very moved by it and I especially enjoyed it when she shared it with a friend that was showing my wife the expensive jewelry her husband had bought her.  She listened to the song, Dylan and I put together, and looked at my wife and said “I have nothing to match that” and walked off.  Dylan was able to help me create songs that evoke emotions in people.  I really appreciate his help.

– Scott

Dylan is a talented guy with a sense of humor. He is super encouraging and really has a passion to see us out there using what we’ve got and learning as we go.

– Apryl

My son has had guitar lessons with Dylan for over a year and still enjoys learning. I appreciate the positive rapport he has with my son and his willingness to be flexible with our sometimes crazy schedule when he can.

– Natalie

Dylan is an amazing teacher. He really spends the quality time adapting to the variety of voices that he works with. He has a very professional feel but not to the point of intimidation. Dylan has many gifts with music. I know many others have taken him for guitar and were more than happy with his work. If you want to grow in your love for music as well as your ability then Dylan is the way to go.

– Ashley

I have been taking voice lessons with Dylan Cochran at 333 Music Studios for a few years now, and I look forward to it every time! My vocal skills and confidence have improved greatly, and I am continuing to grow. I am thankful for the way Dylan teaches; he explains things in a very detailed way, and makes everything so easy to understand.

– Megan

Dylan is not only an amazing person, he is an incredible teacher as well. He is passionate about what he does and appreciates all of his students and their abilities. I am thankful to have Dylan teach my son how to play the guitar. The Best In Town! Highly Recommended!

– Tony

 Dylan is a fabulous, encouraging teacher whose passion for music is contagious! I highly recommend him.

– Elisha

Dylan is always positive and enthusiastic about teaching. He is quick to communicate as well as listen to what his students are looking for in their lessons. His prices are fair and he’s always on-time. I would recommend Dylan to anyone interested developing their musical talents.

– Jennifer

Dylan worked with my two children on how to play the guitar. One child was with him about 2 years. Dylan made it very fun to learn. He let them choose songs they would like to learn, as well as what he had in his lesson plans. The children really enjoyed their time with Dylan. It was a great experience. We wouldn’t have changed a thing.

– Jennifer

Dylan has been working with my daughter for a couple years on guitar & voice lessons. He is simply amazing & we are very thankful to him for his hard work & positive attitude. He is much more than simply her teacher, he has become a trusted friend as well.

– Kelly

Dylan was a great instructor. He taught at my own pace, and was very flexible when trying to schedule lessons to make up when I missed them or couldn’t do them. His lessons were very effective in helping me grow as a musician. He’s a very friendly, capable guy for the job.


Dylan is a great teacher in the sense that that he’s relaxed/chill but also has standards. His personality is brilliant and you’ll learn about different things like theory and note reading but you’ll also get to practice things that you personally want to do! Which is what I love. Definitely recommended, have been a student for years.

– Emma

Dylan instructed my son on electric guitar & my daughter on acoustic guitar once a week, for over two years. Now they are both on their youth group worship team.

Dylan was always accommodating in scheduling. His rates are very reasonable. He had an excellent rapport with them and could always keep them motivated to work hard. And it has paid off! I highly recommend Dylan!

– Leila

Dylan was a passionate and diligent instructor. He was also caring and sensitive to the age of my son while teaching him.

– Su

My experience with Dylan has been great! He’s a really relatable guy and I look forward to meeting with him every week. He definitely has plenty of knowledge of music and is really flexible to focus on what the student wants to work on. If anyone looking for a voice and/or guitar instructor I would send them over to Dylan in a heartbeat!

– Kyle

My 3 kids took voice lessons and 1 took guitar lessons
My kids really enjoyed themselves and we were impressed
With their progress. My kids love to sing and I am so
Happy to have found a teacher who encourages them!

– Dottie

Dylan is the most awesome and outstanding teacher I have ever met. His passion for what he does and for his students is absolutely amazing. He loves each one of his students with all of hiis heart and ensures their success by encouraging them and making them all that they can be. Most importantly his love for God shines through him as he works with his students and shows them the love Christ. Dylan is awesome and everyone I know that has been tought by him has amazing and wonderful talents. If you are looking for an amazing teacher, then Dylan is your answer.

– Kandi

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