What we are about:

Live – Recording (MUSIC) is about people, its about the writer, the student, the performer the fan, and the community. We can work all day on the best music in the world, but if we fail to get IT or OURSELVES out there in it – stage, mp3 or video etc. what’s the point?  Some of us might love it by ourselves, but for those of us that want to do more, then 333 LIVE  – Recording may be the place for you.  


What we do:

1. Student Recitals or Performances: Those of us here at 333 Music Studios want to make our LIVE performances the real deal in places where real musicians play music – Coffee Shops, Cafes, Parks, Malls etc.  At these LIVE events we RECORD either to DVD -with audio of course- or to Mp3/CD.  Mobile uploads: Students @ at 333 should expect as time goes to be recorded in session: we call this “Mobile uploads”.  This practice is very much like what we see musicians do at places like Youtube or Vimeo and its a great way to help train our people to work hard, knowing they have a performance soon!  These end up on our blog.

2. LIVE – Recording:  Are you in a band or musical group (garage, school, church band etc.)?  333 Can record/edit/and produce your ideas, rehearsals and performances wherever you are.  We can also host musicians at one of our studio locations.  Please see our SONG CRAFT & RECORDING TAB for more info for completive pricing and creative ideas.  We are all about your Live – Recording needs!

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